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Intensive Care Unit

Euromedica General Clinic of Dodecanese has a fully equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU), holding a license for six multidisciplinary beds and infrastructure for two more. Along with the diagnostic and support methods found in usual multidisciplinary ICUs (such as respiratory support with invasive and non-invasive methods and hemodynamic measurements with right cardiac catheterization) the Euromedica ICU also offers other specialized methods of treatment such as protocolised non-invasive mechanical ventilation, temporary intravenous and percutaneous pacemaking capabilities, percutaneous dilatational and surgical tracheostomies and experience in provision of all Continuous Renal Replacement Therapies (CRRT) including CRRT plasmapheresis all under emergent, urgent or selective settings.

Additionally, there is continuous support from the Microbiology and Radiology Laboratory (Radiology, Ultrasonic, Axial and Magnetic Tomography) as well as all the standard medical specialties. Examples include patients who underwent surgical procedures with an increased probability of postoperative problems, elderly patients, patients in need of emergent advanced respiratory or cardiovascular care (ARDS, shock of any kind, respiratory faiure) patients with arrhythmias, myocardial ischaemia or other cardiological problems, patients with severe neurologic, renal or autoimmune diseases and also end stage disease patients for palliative care.

ICU operates on a 24 / 7 basis

Tel.: +30 22410 45000 / 45205
Visiting Hours:
12:30 – 13:00 | 18:30 – 19:00

Τhe Scientific Director of the ICU is Mr. Triantafyllou Emmanouil, Anesthesiologist-Intensive Physician